Portable Playpens

Portable Playpens

Portable Playpens

Everything changes when a parent has a baby or a toddler and that means being prepared no matter where you go. Many children in this age group still want to take naps at various times in the day. Carrying a portable playpen with you can really make that process easier for you. Take it along with you when you visit family or friends that don’t have young children. This way you don’t have to worry about your child falling off of a full sized bed.

Many parents find having a portable playpen when they stay at a motel is very convenient too. Everyone will get a better night of sleep because you won’t be worried about your baby. It is too risky to have them sleeping on a regular bed. Not all motel rooms have beds against the wall either so don’t take a risk.

It is a good idea to have a portable playpen at your home if you get visitors with young children. It will help everyone to feel more comfortable in your home. You will be confident that the young child is safe. It can also mean your guests will stay longer because they can visit while their child is resting comfortably. 

Most portable playpens fold up very small so they aren’t going to take up very much room to store. They pop up very easily and most have a snapping action on the sides that hold it into place in a locked position. This means the playpen isn’t going to collapse with the child in it.

You can use portable playpens outdoors too. I have seen people using them at the drive in, while camping, and at sporting events. Some of them feature netting that goes over the top so that your child is guarded from mosquitoes and other insects as well. It can really be helpful to parents to have a portable playpen available. 

There are many brands and models for you to choose from. You can pick up one that is well built as well as comfortable for about $60. This can be a great gift to give someone you know who is going to have a baby. They will get plenty of use out of it.



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