About Us

What made me open this Toys store for kids... Back in 2008, when my first son was born, I wanted to be a good parent and give him whatever he asked for.. A typical parent, I know. when he became 2 years old, he showed more interest towards brain active games and I was very surprise and happy. I wanted to give him all the toys that can improve and sharpen his brains but for my shock, our country did not think these toys were in demand and they did not carry them in any of the major retail shops. That was the moment, I might not be the only parent who had to face this situation. I wanted to build a shop that carried all the Montessori toys, brain activity games, educational toys for kids of all ages which they wont get it at stores.
The Search:
I know what I wanted in my shop but where can I get it…. Who will make it and how will I make this a good quality safe toys for our loved once… This search lead me to many parts our world from USA to Australia to India to China to UK and more…
These search led to finding lots of amazing techniques used in many country and how parents and grand parents teaches kids to sharpen the IQ of these kids. we did not had this in our country but what we had was something unique "Rewarding Kids for their work", this was something i did find in other countries. I took the best of both the world hence our store have toys from all parts of the world and unique collections for kids who are our leaders of next generation at the same time, we have some real good rewards for kids, toys they like and will love to get as a reward. Emergence of Montessori Toyz.